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    Knowledge is the lifeline of marketing product and services. The level of relevance of the product or service to the daily life of the average human

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    this helps you understand your client better. It helps you know what aspect they are knowledge deficient or correct wrong impressions about insurance.



Knowledge is the lifeline of marketing product and services. The level of relevance of the product or service to the daily life of the average human emphasizes the need for a proper way of communicating knowledge from the service provider to the client. Security is a vital part of human life The work of an insurance agent deals with giving potential clients the assurance of security of life, property and business. There is therefore the need for an insurance agent to step down from his or her mountain of knowledge to the level of the client. The mistake most insurance agents make is that they think prospective clients need to see things their way and understand perfectly their perspective . It is believed that doing all the talking and telling them all you know will convince prospects. This has been a costly assumption that has led to misunderstandings and business failures.

The key to marketing insurance is to understand that your client has a body of knowledge that form the basis of what they consider acceptable, to think that there is a mutual understanding without taking time to know their perception of insurance is similar to thinking an adult will do what you say because you think it is right without considering first the individuals view.

Marketing insurance should take the form of an educational tour where the guide who is more knowledgeable in the field is giving students a close view and explanation of events or objects, helping the students for a foundation of knowledge in a subtle way .This involving giving the Students the opportunity to state their view , object where necessary and ask questions.

It is showing and talking not expecting the Students to take all that the guide has said without question or contribution. The goal is to get them to agree with your insurance policy and obtain your product or service. Do not intimidate them with your knowledge into accepting your product or service. This breeds a ground for future misunderstandings and can discourage them from obtaining at all.


In life insurance or non-life insurance, the insurance agent needs to be very patient regardless of the value of what or who is being insured. In recent years, the insurance market has had a remarkable growth and expansion but it will be unprofessional


to assume that every potential client is well informed and just needs the agents treasure of knowledge. It is the duty of the insurance agent to patiently bring the potential client to a place where he fully comprehends all that he /she needs to know. This is done by allowing prospects ask due question and voice their worries.


An insurance agent should be patient, having 20 well informed and like minded clients is better than 50 ignorant clients as this puts the insurance agency at risk.Accurately spelling out the terms and conditions involved is an important thing an insurance agent should do. A definition of terms is also important. It is very wrong to


When the insurance agents speak, it should be to supply vital information and not just do all the speaking supplying irrelevant information.In insurance marketing, there is no physical or tangible product or service to boost the confidence of a potential client..


assume a client understands all this.Therefore, the importance of right knowledge and perception cannot be overemphasized. You can visit : (keyword) for more hint on the importance of proper insurance marketing



The need for effective communication in different field seems to be overrated but its importance cannot be ignored.There is the need for effective communication between the insurance agent and a potential client. Some tips an insurance should note are listed below:

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 Some tips an insurance should note are listed below:

● Be a good listener; this helps you understand your client better. It helps you know what aspect they are knowledge deficient or correct wrong impressions about insurance.

● Choose a convenient time; the client is more open and receptive of what you have to offer. It makes the atmosphere conducive.

● Be polite; even when you views oppose and there is a conflict of ideas, being calm and polite says a lot about the agency you represent. Do not be in a hurry to make your point.

● Feel free to postpone the appointment when the goal is being forfeited. Set another convenient time, this will help you gather more information and data to market efficiently. Do not force it. As important as it is to maintain contact with potential clients, it is vital to not seem desperate by continually calling or pressing for an appointment.

● Your conversation should be focused on building the confidence of your potential client in what you have to offer. Do not be overly concerned with getting them to obtain your service or product. Rather, gain their trust, after all insurance is about offering security from the effect of risks.

● Understand that insurance is not only for the educated. Know how to communicate the basics in simple terms to people from different class and socio-economic status.

● A basic understanding of the circumstance surrounding a potential clients need for insurance help you communicate the main point and leave out unnecessary information. This does not mean you run a Facebook check on prospects, it just mean you have to pay attention to little information that may seem irrelevant.

● Develop your skills, don’t rely on the same communication method for different clients. The rate and way individuals comprehend things vary.

As an insurance agent, it is normal to be eager to tell your client all you have to offer and assure them they would be losing a great opportunity by not obtaining your products and services. Learn to listen, build their confidence, communicate effectively and observe the positive result and growth your insurance agency will experience.


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